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The death cross is almost here, this weekend will happen, are we going to see a mayor dump or not? sometimes we did and sometimes we saw a pump too but eventually prices are more likely to keep falling, lets see, we may not always see that but I am very bearish now only for some weeks maybe, we could also have a fake death cross and follow up with a golden cross after, you never know what it could really be.


At least the death cross is a somewhat lagging indicator, there is still hope it all turns around quickly after the cross.
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@TK_0, I agree 100%, I remember one of the latest death crosses we pumped hard on the day, anything is possible here, but at the moment I have some indicators pointing very bearish too, only MAC D is still looking good, lets see, thanks for commenting.
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@hrideshprajapati0, Thanks for your comment is exactly what I was thinking, I think next week we could have our last downtrend week and then our super cycle but I will post that idea when I am 100% confident about that and I will need to wait one more week, I have seen something in the weekly chart that is telling me that. 🙂