Long term perspective for BTC,USD,GOLD.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
According to a prediction, economical bazzars will suffer a big loss around 20% if there will be no good programming for this problem.(Mark Zandi, one of the greates economists of USA).
Also, Jim Cramer( A great writer and investor from USA) has mentioned that he was wrong to say to the people choose 10% of your investment as pure gold and instead, they have to divide it between gold and btc equally.(5% for gold , 5% for btc ). From this decleration we can realize that gold has not its previous value and strength or maybe the price of the gold will suffer a loss. On the other hand, btc will find a legendary price in a short future.
About China's major impact on BTC , it should be mentioned that it's nothing but a devil way that they have chosen to hit world's big investors assets and cross their opponents easier.(As they spreaded COVID-1 9 and gave a mortal wound to the economy of the world).
By reaching to the threshold of the sell which is around20-24k, then there will be no major impact of any
bad fundamental news on this digital coin.
Finally, A suggestion, Calm down! And just concentrate on setting some buying orders around 20-25k.
Buy in 3 steps and just leave it to get multiplied to 10 after some years.
Good luck.