First of all the major resistance is around 20k and the major support is around 14K . Now come to the point. BTC is looking in a bearish butterfly pattern and obviously it is a great pattern. According to 1st rule, it can drop from where it is now or from ATH . According to Second rule,it can drop from around 21K-22K. According to 3rd rule, it can drop from 30K. Breaking the major resistance is very very tough as the volume is too low at that price. By chance, If it breaks there is no resistance but 26k and then 30K.So If BTCSo successfully break the major resistance,it should go 25k-30k easily as the major resistance will become on of the major support. So the chances of dropping from 21-22K is very low. But according to rule it has chance of dropping from there,so we can't neglect it too.but yes the chances is very low. It was all about butterfly pattern , volume ,major resistance and major support.

Now come to the Fib indicator. According to Fib indicator, btc has a great chance of getting correction from major resistance and go to major support. If it Retrace from major support,it will be very bullish and will touch 30K very easily and will go farther. But if it crosses major support downwards,it will be consider as reverse trend which will take btc to 6-7K again. But because of major support the chances of reverse trend is very low.

Now come to the conclusion. BTC has a lower chance of crossing major resistance successfully. If btc drop from current price or major support and retrace from the major support,the trend will be supper bullish and can go 30K+++. If BTC Break major resistance now, the bull trend will not be so powerful and will reach to 26K-30K slowly and hardly reach 30K++

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