Cycle Continuation Analysis Ideas - Bitcoin Analysis Long Term

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
Following from previous discussion this cycle analysis takes a closer look at the relationship of previous cycles to calculate possible trajectories for future PA.

It is, at the end of the day, unknown where the value of BTC will end up, and this PA is definitely bullish in sentiment. However I am long term hodler and believer in Bitcoins overall success, so bias is evident here. I can always attempt a bearish outlook should anyone care to see it. The chart at least makes sense from a long view market perspective - lengthening market cycles punctuated by increase price floors which decrease in percentage increase each time. the flattening curve as Bitcoin finds its equilibrium in price.

Interested in all thoughts and opinions on this however keep in mind it is a bit of fun looking at past action and what could be!

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Nice... I generally agree with all the points raised. And a nice touch breaking the diagonal supports for the next bear run. Help fuel future despair!

And a quick fib extension from the covid spring, to 60k top, with a 50% retracement; gives us a 4.2 extension at 288k. Right around your target area. And of course; if there's a short squeeze on top; to drag this out a bit longer and a bit higher; then all the better!
Wynnsa Losing-Up
@Losing-Up, Nice one man, I need to add in that Fib extension I'll check it out. Its an interesting time in the cycle for sure, I dont think anyone can really call it right now with the market so emotional. That's why to me an extended market cycle allows for the cycle to play out like it was expected to, allowing for emotions to subside and a fresh run to happen
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This is a beautiful way to show the halving cycle and lengthening cycles. I think that we've only seen the start of the push to parabolic levels, and this is exactly why. We've hit none of the markers that we've hit traditionally like the 1.618 fib that it's always hit at the peak for instance. A lot of reason to be bullish for bitcoin, especially after the summer.
Wynnsa CryptoidiotQ
@CryptoidiotQ, appreciate your comment thank you bro
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