BINANCE:BATUSD   Basic Attention Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
With Bitcoins recent surge to $40k #Altseason is just starting to gear up. $BAT (basic attenion token) has a lot to offer fundamentally which i believe it could make a move back up to ALL TIME HIGHS.

$BAT has a good real world use case. BAT is the cryptocurrencies which is used on the Brave browser platform. This platform is known as the GOOGLE CHROME & SAFARI killer.

Brave Browser allows its users to opt in or out of advertisements and data tracking whilst you are browsing the net. If you choose to opt in for adverts etc, you get paid in the native token $BAT.
the use case of the token is that advertisers have to use the $BAT token to pay for advertising on the brave browsers, companies have to pay the people who view their adverts. This gives user an incentive to share their own personal data, as the saying goes DATA is the new OIL . Big firms such as Amazon & Dominoes Pizza to name a few have been seen advertising on the platform.

$BAT are also listed on one of the major exchanges COINBASE


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