Trend reversal? Targets ST 3.64p/5.6p MT- 8.48p LT - 15p

After seller exhaustion comes the bulls and I believe we are very close of a turn here which will take us to 3.64p-5.6p with right news.
I believe seller should be or is out as bulls come in.
Permit should be coming any day now after xmas holidays.

Gap to fill at 5.6-5.8p!

Medium term I can see us touching 8.48p
Long term 15p

copper price doing well as of late
BoD have also skin in the game & ASIPAC having a considerable amount invested in the business.
Trade active: Banked 33% profits at 4p but grabbed a few more shares below 3p on last dip as we are about to get a JV partner for the KSK asset or totally sell it.
Very bullish on the company moving forward.


is this a joke? whats all the sh*t on your chart
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fxinsider fxinsider
@fxinsider, looks like someone took a big poo
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vcm11 fxinsider
@fxinsider, such a big poo that i made money out of it. lol
my eyes.. fucking bleeding
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Many might hate my charts but all it matters is the end game.
News yesterday & re-raqte only at the start, expect at least 8p-10p in coming weeks after binding deal.
My charts are for the longer term swing traders or investors.
Check out EUA HZM ARCM & many others...
don't do day trading plus u got a zoom function on the chart.
my swing trades are longer term trades 3-6 months & at times a year, not short term!
Looks like the London underground
Zone-Trader MoneyMaliks
@MoneyMaliks, i know wtf
vcm11 Zone-Trader
@Zone-Trader, you should check my BIDS chart, probably just the same as I document from the day I bought till the day I sold at 800% as I don't do day trading. Long swing trades...Also there is a function on tradingview to zoom in...anyway each to their own.
vcm11 vcm11
@vcm11, here u go just for u all - LOL -