Angler Gaming Long 01/06/21

Angler Gaming is a company that has had a fantastic year both in price action and fundamentally. It has now created a harmonic pattern that suggest a increase of approximately 115%. This target is resonable since the company has a fairly low valuation compared to the huge successes it has made. The big price action upwards from the important support level around 26 SEK indicates strength and further rise. The fibonaci levels on the chart are good levels to sell/buy but the long-term target is still around 56,75 SEK . My sell stop loss is 25,75 SEK , a price action that breaks that level suggest a further pullback. What are your thoughts?


I really like analyses that are easy to read and understand. This is a great analysis. It is clear and easy to understand. Stay on this path. You've made a very good point about the repeating wave cycle and you've illustrated it very well. Great, I like it. 👍
@meszaros, Thank you so much!!!